The Board has drawn up its Strategic Plan for the period 2013 -2017. Its Vision, Mission and Goal Statement are stated below:

“To be an efficient, innovative and collaborative legal aid provider   responsive to the needs of persons with inadequate means’

Through this Vision the Board is committed to reaching higher heights in the provision of legal aid services.

“To provide effective and quality legal services to persons whose means are inadequate in order to promote access to justice

By pursuing this Mission the Board will effectively contribute to the promotion of good Governance and accessibility to justice by vulnerable individuals.

The Goal statement to guide the Board during the period 2009 to 2013 is:

“To maximise the provision of legal aid at district level and collaboration with stakeholders

The Board is committed to using every possible means available in order to ensure accessibility to justice by the vulnerable individuals at the district level.

The Board’s Value statement is:

“To uphold professional ethics, good conduct and efficiency