How it Works

How to apply for Legal Aid

  • The client is required to pay a minimal consultation fee of K20.00,for them to see a Lawyer;
  • The client is then asked to explain their matter to the Lawyer. If it is established that a matter has merit, the client is advised to apply for legal aid;
  • There are two types of application forms namely: Criminal and Civil. The client is advised to complete the appropriate document;
  • The application is assessed and legal aid is either granted or declined;
  • Once legal aid is granted, the client is asked to pay either K150.00 for Criminal cases and K160.00 FOR Civil cases

Who Qualifies for Legal Aid

  • Citizens of Zambia
  • Established Residents
  • Asylum Seekers
  • Transit Visitors

However, all applicants are subjected to a means test.
A means test seeks to establish the financial position of a client. The assets owned by client and the income level is assesed to establishe the merit for grant of legal aid.

If you qualify, then get in touch

If you think you qualify for legal aid, or if you have any questions that you would like to ask, then please

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