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Cases Hanled by the Legal Aid Board are classified into two (2) categories. These are Crimminal cases and Civil cases


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Civil Cases

The Legal Aid Board handles Civil cases. Among cival matters hanled, are Divorce matters, Property Settlements, Child maintenance cases, Drafting of Wills and general Arbitration.

Well qualified Legal Practitioners to assist you!


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Join Legal Aid Board and enjoy a wonderful working environment. LAB creates a condusive working environment and encourages individual career growth. LAB provides a level platform and encourages the participation of women and physically disabled



Board Structure

Legal Aid Board consists of 10 Members. The board is chaired by a chairperson. The chairperson is appointed by the Minister of Justice. The Chairperson has to be a serving High Court Judge or must have been practising law for more than ten (10) years.


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Who we are?

The Legal Aid Board (LAB) is a statutory body mandated to provide legal services (criminal and civil) to indigent persons. The services provided include legal representation and/or advisory. The clients of the Board are required to pay a nominal fee for consultation and legal aid contribution.

In 2008 the Legal Aid Board was created as an independent body mandated to provide Legal Services to persons whose means where inadequate. The board has been in existence since 2008 and has established a total of twelve (12) stations country wide.