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Cases we handle

Legal Aid Board handles criminal cases such as murder, theft,defilement, aggravated robbery, causing death by dangerous driving just to name a few.
We also handle Civil cases such as divorce, property settlement,drafting of wills, intersete sucsession dispute and child negligence cases.


Legal Aid Board has audience beginning from the Surbodinate Courts all the way up the court hierarchy to the supreme court.
>Surbordinate Court
>High Court
>Court of Appeals
Supreme Court

Who Qualifies?

Legal Aid is granted to all members of the public with Criminal or cival cases.This is upon filling in an application for Legal Aid. Application forms can be obtained from all Legal Aid Board offices. The Board conducts a means verification test to determine the vulnerability of the applicant.

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Our Partners

Government of the Republic of Zambia
German Cooperation
European Union
Zambia Correctional Services
Zambia Police Service
Drug Enforcement Commission
Human Rights Commision
Law Association of Zambia
Zambia Institute of Advance Legal Education
Anti Corruption Commision


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Anderson Ngulube - Director/CEO


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